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Covid 19 Vaccine

We do not yet have any Covid 19 Vaccine, however, we have begun making a list of those hoping to receive one. To add your name to this list, please call 660-542-3247 and listen to the prompts given.  ***If you know of someone that may not see this, please help them call and add their name as well.

Keep in mind, adding your name to the list Does Not guarantee a vaccination for you. We are unsure as to how much vaccine we will receive, or when it will arrive.


Please see the following link for updates concerning Coronavirus

If you have recently traveled out of state to an area with Covid-19 cases, please advise the health department.

Again, as you have heard, stay home if you are sick, practice good handwashing and social distancing. If questions you may call either the hotline @877-435-8411 or 660-542-3247 our number.

Health Department Plans Emergency Preparedness Exercise

Carroll County Health Department, along with many community partners, will conduct an exercise on Wed. May 15th, beginning at 9:00 a.m. This exercise will simulate an agent exposure, such as Anthrax in our county. If this were a true emergency, the health department would be responsible for the mass dispensing of medication to all of our county residents within 48 hours. We are conducting this exercise to give our employees and volunteers a feel of how this might work, and what are our weaknesses.

This will be a “drive-thru” exercise, practicing with volunteers driving the route, to the health department. The route begins at Caseys and  ends at the health department at 5 N. Ely with our nursing staff distributing our “pretend” medication.

Remember this is just an exercise. If you would like to volunteer to “drive-thru” our exercise, please contact the health dept. at 660-542-3247.

Edit:  This was a successful exercise. Thanks to all of our volunteers and partners who participated!