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COVID – MO Court Order

PHONE 660-542-3247
FAX 660-542-0574

December 8, 2021

In regard to the current court opinion issued on November 22, 2021 by Judge Daniel Green of the Cole County Circuit Court, we encourage schools and businesses to follow the direction given to you by Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, your legal counsel, or your in-house policies. During the COVID 19 pandemic we have operated under the state regulations which Judge Green has now declared invalid. We will comply with this and all rulings from elected officials regarding our policies.

For the residents of Carroll County please refer to the Center for Disease Control website ( for guidance and recommendation and/or from your primary care physician. Excluding individuals from work or school will be up to each employer and school district per their policy.

Should you have further questions I would recommend you contact the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services COVID hotline at 1-877-435-8411, Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services main number at 1-583-751-6400 or the Attorney General of Missouri at 1-573-751-3321.


Jennifer Link, RN

Adult Blood Draw Clinics

Only  Four Times a Year!!!

Our next clinic is: undecided at this time

Tests Offered:

CBC/Chem Profile – $27.00

Liver Enzymes, Lipid Profile, Thyroid Function, Fasting Blood Sugar, Complete Blood Count

Vitamin D – $24.00
PSA – $9.00
Hemogloblin A1C – $7.00
Lipid Profile – $10.00                       B12-$15.00
 TSH/T4 Free-$12.00

Hepatitis C-$21.00

Call 660-542-3247 for an appointment
Fee collected at time of service. NO billing of Insurance/Medicare/Medicaid
Most accurate results received by fasting after midnight.